W.A.R. Report 8/24/17

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who takes the time to check on us; whether it be through social media or directly through the site. The feedback we receive from you continues to motivate us daily to keep pushing towards the next level. This morning as I work with Orielsy to put the finishing touches on the updated site, I can’t help but reminisce about the days that gave birth to what you see and hear today. I could go into details, but that story is more worthy of an entire album that just a simple blog post.

We are currently still working on Goyo’s new project “Desde Cero” which should be released by the end of this year. This passed weekend we worked with Omy Alka (Alka Films) to shoot new music videos for Goyo, and Mikey A.

Mikey A’s new album “Por Amor” should be releasing this year as well under El Rezinto Music.

You may know that Eli has been a long time member of W.A.R. Music Records (long before it was even called W.A.R. Music). Despite the geographical distance between Virginia (where I am located) and Florida (where Eli is located) we continued to work together daily on new music. We recorded our parts for Death Before This Honor separately and were able to exchange our recordings via internet. The process wasn’t always smooth as it could have been had we been in the same studio, but we made it work, and for the most part, I can say it went well. Eli and I have recorded countless songs together and have a life time of experiences with one another that have built our characters into who we are today. Long before we ever recorded a single song, Eli and I would write verses on paper and pass the sheet back and forth to each other finishing each other’s lines (This happened regularly during church services).

After various projects released under W.A.R. Music Records Eli was presented with a great opportunity to work with a local record label in Florida called “Relentless Music”. Eli and I both agreed that this move from under W.A.R. Music to Relentless Music would be best for him, in keeping up with the momentum from his latest project “Legacy”. Under Relentless Music, Eli will have access to many more resources and be able to further elevate the sonic quality of his music. A moment like this gives me great pride in seeing my life long friend continue to grow and step forward into new opportunities.

As for my own music, I have purposely remained silent, as is my custom. My rhyme book continues to be filled. I definitely have something in the works behind the scenes however, I won’t give details until the project is completed and ready for release.




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