Revy’s Prayer

I hate to think each time I’m writing a song

Instead of focusing on You I’m tryna’ right all my wrongs

And you know me better, try to run from it with phony letters

The only reason we record is so they won’t forget us

I’m tryna’ imagine how is it even possible

For me to be an artist and properly share The Gospel

Without bringing You shame or givin’ glory to my name

Or just bein’ another Christian ’cause all of them sound the same

Is a mistake a mistake if I do it twice?

And if I ask you for forgiveness again, will you give me life?

I’m tired of bein’ used, confused and forgotten

By people I used to trust even when they treated me rotten

I’m so close to the edge I can feel the wind in my shirt

I’m just prayin’ that you catch me before I hit The Earth

I get to church last, and leave first

I don’t know, I guess I feel like every time I go I leave worse

It ain’t the people, it ain’t the message, it isn’t You

It ain’t the trials and tribulations You put me through

It ain’t my family my friends or my enemies

And I wish I could just blame it all on my self-esteem

And that’s only part, if not the start of it

My immaturity is somewhere at the heart of it

How dare I try to speak for You

Skip out every one of Your lessons and turn around and teach for You

Like I’m exempt from the final exam

Thinking I am the man because of the talent You put inside my hands

The sound of music ain’t a substitute for sound preaching

You called us to make disciples, not for crown reaching

Competition is for the people against

I need to break down walls, instead of mending the fence

This gon’ be another album without a lucrative outcome

Movin’ music is harder than movin’ talcum

And therein lies the conflict

‘Cause takin’ the path of least resistance

Isn’t something that’s meant for you if you’re a Christian

It’s gon’ take a lot to stay on the course

And if it feels like You don’t listen what’s the point of goin’ hoarse

Father I need You to speak to me

‘Cause this flesh is tellin’ me it’s hard to believe You would ever love me equally

And that’s the point, ain’t it?

‘Cause if You ever loved me equally, I would never be worth savin’

Have mercy, and I promise I’m a’ hit the pavement

I’ll tell Your story without ever expectin’ a payment

Don’t make it easy, You built me to bear the weight

Just give me the wisdom to know who to tear away

The difference between a friend and a fiend is only an R

My biggest enemy’s me, I’m responsible for the scars

Hide the pain with the bars that I scribble like I’m in charge

You give me the map I’ll share it with anybody that’s lost

Willin’ to pay the cost even though You know I complain

Keep breakin’ breakin’ me down until You break all of the chains

Break me ’till I don’t exist

Until the point that when people look at me and You they can’t tell the difference

I’m frustrated, and I wanna’ believe

That You’re really out there preparin’ somethin’ special for me

You say the word and I’ll do it gritin’ my teeth

‘Cause every goal that I have You push it out of my reach

I need You to tell me why it all fell apart

I guess that happens when you give people you’re heart

How come you never take me out of the state lines

But You open up the doors for people that’s stealin’ my rhymes

You tell me that it’s ’cause of my sin? Fine

I’m a raven, I ain’t hatin’ I’m only dyin’ to fly

For every tear that I cry. It’s natural to wonder why

I’ll leave it in your hands. You tell me when it’s time