Keep pushing

“Time is relative. It flies when you’re having fun and crawls when you’re miserable, yet there are still 60 seconds in every minute and 60 minutes’ in every hour. If it has a beginning, it has an ending. Nothing lasts forever” – Jerome Baker (Roxx Alott)

Just because you aren’t where you want to be today doesn’t mean you’ll never get there, and we may not have everything we love but we can learn to love everything we have. You’re going to have to learn to stop comparing your progress to someone else’s success. It’s easy to get lost measuring what you are going through with what someone else has already been through. Use these thoughts to drive you forward instead of letting them cripple you on your way to achieving your goals. Be very selective with who you choose to allow yourself to be surrounded by. Do not let just anyone stand next to you. Do let politeness become a flaw that creates an opening to allow people into your life that are only going to drag you down. When you find a person who is honest, and lives an honorable life, hold onto that person. Be very observant of people. Pay attention to how they treat others. Look for inconsistencies in their character. I heard once that the measure of a man is how much he is willing to do for a person that can do absolutely nothing for them in return. On the rough road towards success you need people who are going to add value to your life; otherwise it’s much better to be alone. You’ll find yourself hitting a lot of brick walls as you scratch your way through life. Being reminded that things could be worse doesn’t always help but the reality is nothing of great value has ever come easily. If you listen closely, art will often reveal certain truths in your life.



The anime “Full Metal Alchemist” reminds us over and over that “to obtain, something of equal value must be lost”.  I’m reminded of how much we say we would be willing to give if we only had the chance to do something we love, but as soon as a trial begins in our life we are quick to give up. I look at my children today and understand clearly that my life has a greater purpose than I had imagined. Even if you don’t have children, the fact that you are still drawing air into your lungs is evidence enough that your presence is still required in this world for a specific task to be completed. Life will naturally decided when it’s over for you, until then keep pushing and never accept anything less than excellence in your life. Don’t look to the left or the right. Push forward and when you hit a wall don’t let anyone outside of your circle see you sweat. If you were given the vision then you certainly have the ability to achieve it. Be consistent and live honorably.

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